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NYC Highline Training In Winter

For 5 months of the year New York becomes a difficult place to train outside. The temperature is below freezing most of the time and when it snows the paths … Continue reading

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Puppy Of War

Back in London we organized an intense park training regime called “Dogs Of War”. When it was in full swing around 2009 there were two weapons the dogs used to get … Continue reading

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NYC Training – Cross-Running

New York has plenty of options when it comes to gyms and specialist fitness operators such as Barry’s Bootcamp, Flywheel and Soul Cycle, all of whom I rate highly and … Continue reading

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NYC Cycling – Typical Saturday Morning

Here is a video I’ve made which is a mini-documentary of a typical New York City ride in the summer. My friends in the UK and Australia would not believe … Continue reading

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Dogs Of War – Hall Of Fame

There are many people who came down to test themselves as Dogs Of War, but only a few who were consistently present and gave 100% to each session they attended. … Continue reading

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Dogs Of War – Alpha Dog Trials

The Dogs Of War thought it would be a good idea to hold a session to determine who is the overall Alpha Dog across multiple disciplines. Push-ups, medicine ball throws, … Continue reading

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Dogs Of War – Typical Sessions

Dogs Of War was a training group that we created to avoid the boredom and grind of the traditional run and gym routine that many of us boys in London … Continue reading

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