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Pissfit Tours

Pissfit Tours

Pissfit Tours is an invitation only fitness and adventure travel vehicle for a select crew of enthusiasts who are hardcore about fitness, adventure and boozing.

What makes up a Pissfit Tour?

1. A tour must consist of at least two founding members (or one if Power is cool with it)

2. A tour must consist of intensive physical activity or challenging adventure of at least 5 hours or more

3. A tour must be completed with an endurance boozing session with at least two Pissfit members.

The Pissfit mantra is Go Hard, Go Early – whether it be a race, adventure or boozing session, this must be followed.

Tour Categories

There are three tour categories to cover off all the types of Pissfit Tours members can embark on.

1 Bottle Tour

1 Bottle Tour

Pissfit Tours - Category 2

2 Bottle Tour

Pissfit Tours - Category 3

3 Bottle Tour

  • 1 day challenge or event
  • Local travel or easy access
  • 1 afternoon or night boozing
  • Weekend challenge or event
  • Regional or foreign travel
  • 1 night regional nightclubbing
  • Multi-day unique challenge or event
  • Foreign travel to exotic location
  • Multi-night boozing / regional clubbing

Founding Members

The six individuals here are originators of Pissfit Tours, participating in some of the early adventures and events that combined endurance physical activity and boozing, resulting in the movement that is ‘Pissfit’.

Honorary Members

These are the boys who have made solid contributions to various Pissfit Tours over the years and deserve honorary membership.

Submit Your Tour

Pissfit Tours members can use the below form to submit ideas for future tours and events.

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