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The OC Half Marathon

My training and race partner Mark Schulein pinged me on a Saturday afternoon and asked if I would join him for the OC half-marathon that was happening then next day. … Continue reading

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Catalina Marathon

In October 2021 my good buddy and freak athlete Mark Schulein ran the Catalina Marathon. Probably one of the most picturesque and challenging off-road marathons out there. Highly recommended to … Continue reading

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The New Adventure Base Camp

Meet the VanCave, a 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Crew 144 short-wheelbase hightop 4WD multi-purpose vehicle. With some carefully planned modifications I have turned it into a reflection of me with many … Continue reading

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Coveathlon – A Fun Mini-Duathlon Series in Newport

Coveathlon is a local duathlon series based in Newport Dunes just off the back bay in Newport Beach. For me to participate in a fun local race on a Thursday … Continue reading

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X-Terra Laguna Off-road Triathlon

Covid was not helpful for us MAMILs (middle aged men in lycra) with all events postponed or cancelled for 2020 and the first half of 2021. So when the opportunity … Continue reading

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The Elusive Rooster On Fly

I have a long bucket list of fish that I want to secure on fly, but the Rooster was that one that has had me most excited about considering the difficulty of securing them on the fly from the southern Baja beaches.

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Hunter’s First 5km Race

Hunter and I started running together a few months back. What started as a light little 2km through Central Park on the way to his MMA class turned into 5kms. … Continue reading

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Glacier 360 – Iceland’s 320km Mountain Bike Race

In later summer 2018 I was researching for a race for myself and the boys to sign up for in the summer of 2019. I stumbled across Glacier 360, a … Continue reading

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Wilmington Whiteface 100km MTB Race

I was long overdue for some mountain bike action as it had been several years since I enjoy some off-road cycling. So I rounded up a few boys on the … Continue reading

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Jersey Spartan Beast 2018

After a long winter my first real race of 2018 was another venture out to Mountain Creek for the Jersey Beast. It was a beautiful spring day with perfect racing … Continue reading

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Fishing Dominican Republic

My first visit to the DR proved to be a pretty awesome fishing experience. 30 miles offshore we came to 6000 feet of blue water and access to hundreds of … Continue reading

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Miami Beach Giant Tarpon

On my fishing bucket list was the Giant Tarpon, a hard pulling and spectacular leaping sportfish that grow beyond 200lbs. I was in Miami for a work retreat and had … Continue reading

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Patagonia 250km Ultramarathon

2017 wasn’t going to be my biggest year for adventure challenges, but as it was a milestone year on the birthday front I was preparing myself to complete something of … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing Patagonia

If I was to go all the way down to Patagonia to put my body through 250kms of grueling trails, it made sense to add a couple of days to … Continue reading

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Fishing The Pitt River, British Columbia

I was lucky enough to join a trip to the Pitt River in British Columbia which is a world renown river for salmon ad trout. Whilst we were in-between the … Continue reading

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Hudson Fishing With Bernie

With my good mate Bernie hitting New York for a couple of days I thought that fishing with Captain Joe on the Hudson and East Rivers would be a great … Continue reading

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The Big 4-0

This past July 29 I turned 40. I’ve been looking forward to this big milestone as I’m pretty pumped about my forties as I am about most things in life. … Continue reading

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NYC East River Stripers

Dave saw the success and fun we have had hitting the New York rivers for some fishing so we lined some up whilst he was in the city for 24 hours. … Continue reading

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Cabo Jacks

We hit Cabo to try and catch the elusive Rooster Fish but unfortunately it proved exactly that. We were still happy to catch some nice Jack Crevalles which pull very hard.

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Cabo Spearfishing

OK, so we hit Cabo in the quest to catch the mythical Rooster Fish but it proved to be quite elusive, both from the beach and from the boat. Fooey had organized … Continue reading

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