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The Elusive Rooster On Fly

I have a long bucket list of fish that I want to secure on fly, but the Rooster was that one that has had me most excited about considering the difficulty of securing them on the fly from the southern Baja beaches.

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Fishing Dominican Republic

My first visit to the DR proved to be a pretty awesome fishing experience. 30 miles offshore we came to 6000 feet of blue water and access to hundreds of … Continue reading

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Miami Beach Giant Tarpon

On my fishing bucket list was the Giant Tarpon, a hard pulling and spectacular leaping sportfish that grow beyond 200lbs. I was in Miami for a work retreat and had … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing Patagonia

If I was to go all the way down to Patagonia to put my body through 250kms of grueling trails, it made sense to add a couple of days to … Continue reading

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Fishing The Pitt River, British Columbia

I was lucky enough to join a trip to the Pitt River in British Columbia which is a world renown river for salmon ad trout. Whilst we were in-between the … Continue reading

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Hudson Fishing With Bernie

With my good mate Bernie hitting New York for a couple of days I thought that fishing with Captain Joe on the Hudson and East Rivers would be a great … Continue reading

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NYC East River Stripers

Dave saw the success and fun we have had hitting the New York rivers for some fishing so we lined some up whilst he was in the city for 24 hours. … Continue reading

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Cabo Jacks

We hit Cabo to try and catch the elusive Rooster Fish but unfortunately it proved exactly that. We were still happy to catch some nice Jack Crevalles which pull very hard.

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Cabo Spearfishing

OK, so we hit Cabo in the quest to catch the mythical Rooster Fish but it proved to be quite elusive, both from the beach and from the boat. Fooey had organized … Continue reading

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Fall Fishing In NYC

Fall sees NYC Harbour and the East River fill with Stripers of all sizes. My local guide Capt Joe Shastasy owns and operates NY Harbour Fishing and he has 27 … Continue reading

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Louisiana Reds

My great mate Michael Kantrow and I visited Louisiana to watch the LSU v Alabama game at Death Valley (LSU’s appropriately named stadium).  The Tigers defended brilliantly and held the formidable … Continue reading

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Big Montauk Striper

The 2016 goal was to get a big Striped Bass, considering it is the prized fish in New York. Captain Scott from Top Gun Bass Fishing Charters. He really knows … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing Action In Idaho

I was lucky enough to be invited on a trip to Idaho for some fly fishing on the famous Snake River and it tributaries. This has to be some of … Continue reading

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Bottle Bones

Turks & Caicos is my favorite Caribbean nation. It is great for fishing, water-sports and quality family time. Importantly, the access from New York is an easy 3.5 hr direct flight. … Continue reading

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Bahamas Bonefishing

My first time down to the Bahamas was eye opening. The flats fishing is sublime and the options for water based activities is endless. This trip was to Great Exuma … Continue reading

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Bluefishing In Montauk

I knew Montauk had lot’s of fishing options but it wasn’t until I went fishing with a local guide that I realised just how much it was like fishing back … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing In The Catskills

For Memorial Day Weekend 2015 I was up in the Catskills and decided to go with a friends recommendation and hire a guide to take on the famous Esopus river … Continue reading

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Big Day Of Thumping Rainbow Reefies

I originally created and continue to maintain this site in order to preserve memories from my many life adventures and experiences. But I’ve realised that many of my good friends do some … Continue reading

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Bonefishing In Provo Turks & Caicos

Getting back to Provo allowed me to prove that my DIY Bonefishing last year which had me score two bones was not a fluke. This time I lightened the gear, invested … Continue reading

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Queensland Fishing Adventures

A selection of random fishing adventures with my mates and my son Hunter Max in sunny Queensland.    

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