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Dogs Of War – Typical Sessions

Dogs Of War was a training group that we created to avoid the boredom and grind of the traditional run and gym routine that many of us boys in London were stuck in. We met in the early mornings across all seasons at various parks around Fulham and trained hard across a number of disciplines and utilised several weapons to harden us up. These became religious sessions that were intense, varied and fun, getting us into peak fitness and preparing us for our other sports of passion (rugby, running, cycling and boozing) .

This post is an overview of two typical Dogs sessions with some of the Dogs stalwarts in Paul Hart (Ram), Leo Thompson, Peter Byre, Travis Weston, Dylan Foo and myself.

Check out the Dogs Hall Of Fame

Session 1 – Speed Circuits and Tyson Flipping

Dogs lining up for a routine

The Ram about to show off his sizeable bulk

Leo Thompson, probably the best Dog Of War we’ve seen, EVER!

Protein Pete and West getting ready for sprints


Protein Pete in full flight

Westo thinking he’s a Wallaby

The Ram having a moment


“This is a tough session, yeah?” says Ram

Leo, probably the best stretcher in the world, EVER!

The good old side plank

Our good friend Tyson

Tools of our trade

Fun circuits

I was working hard AND taking photos 😉

The Ram a little pooped

Best friends reunite

Ram struggling with Tyson

After 5 attempts, Ram finally topples Tyson

Session 2 – Sprints, Sandbags & Sledgehammers

As always, arriving early to the DOW session, apprehensive of the suffering ahead

Ram limbering up

Pete and some of the weapons

Two big units at full flight – Fooey and Ram

Leo and Protein Pete

The King of Kokopo giving ‘the look’

Leo, probably the best sandbag lifter in the world

Showing how its done


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