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Dogs Of War – Hall Of Fame

There are many people who came down to test themselves as Dogs Of War, but only a few who were consistently present and gave 100% to each session they attended.

Hall Of Famers

Paul "The Ram" Hart

Paul “The Ram” Hart

Leo "Probably the best Dog in the world" Thompson

Leo “Probably the best Dog in the world” Thompson

Dylan "King of Kokopo" Foo

Dylan “King of Kokopo” Foo

Richie "Chuck it in eh bro" Bray

Richie “Chuck it in eh bro” Bray

Mick "Baitem Baitem" Thomas

Mick “Baitem Holdit” Thomas

Pete "Protein" Byre

Pete “Protein” Byre


The Westo

Mick "Shaggy" Davies

Mick “Shaggy” Davies


Power (myself)

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