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An Adventurous Engagement In Slovenia

When I decided it was about time I ‘popped the question’ I thought long and hard about how To deliver something memorable but not corny. Nessy and I had planned to go to Slovenia for a late summer adventure holiday, staying in a lodge that organised a different adventure for you each day.

For the big moment there was rafting, kayaking, canyoning and cycling activities to choose from, but in the end I decided that if she got to the top of the mountain with me she deserved a proposal.

Highlights of the trip include:
– Nessy attacking the canyons aggressively, descending first each time
– Nessy deciding to head back down the mountain when we were nearing the top, potentially ruining the big moment as there was no plan B, but then deciding on her own that she would give it another attempt – Good girl!
– Nessy saying ‘are you serious?’ after I mumbled my proposal
– Exploring all the awesomeness of Slovenia which is a must see European country if you like nature and adventure

IMG_1662 IMG_1666 IMG_1674 IMG_1690 IMG_1705 IMG_1708 IMG_1718 IMG_1721 IMG_1723 IMG_1726 IMG_1731 IMG_1735 IMG_1751 IMG_1754 IMG_1755 IMG_1759 IMG_1763 IMG_1765 IMG_1768 IMG_1782 IMG_1808 IMG_1813 IMG_1840 IMG_1862 IMG_1870 IMG_1882 IMG_1914 IMG_1917 IMG_1918 IMG_1920 IMG_1932 IMG_1936 IMG_1940 IMG_1947 IMG_1951 IMG_1959 IMG_1969 IMG_1988 IMG_2012

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