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Dogs Of War – Alpha Dog Trials

The Dogs Of War thought it would be a good idea to hold a session to determine who is the overall Alpha Dog across multiple disciplines. Push-ups, medicine ball throws, jumps and sprints all featured in this competition.

Dogs in attendance:

  • Richie Bray
  • Mick Davies
  • Dylan Foo
  • Paul Hart (Ram)
  • Mark Power (me)
  • Mick Thomas
  • Leo Thompson

There is some contention as to who came out as Alpha Dog but all agreed it was a fun session and proved that we had come some way as Dogs over the previous years of DoW training.

The Ram ultra-confident and exuding dominace as the Alpha Dog

Maximum push-ups completed

Ram considering his tactics

Leo and his attempts at a push-up

Fooey’s classic push-up style

60 or so done


Ram showing how to do a ‘half push-up’


Even the half push-up couldn’t secure Ram the push-up title

Power taking the tree sprints very seriously

Tree sprints

I have something in his eye

The backward medicine ball throw

Ram enjoys playing with balls

Ram adjudicating

Ram adjudicating – most decisions were questionable

Mick T preparing for his attempt

Ram preparing for the jump

Fooey attempting to out-jump the Ram

Questioning the judging

The upside-down push up – always a crowd pleaser

Fooey struggling

Ram struggling even more

Ram getting a lot of assistance from the boys

My attempt at the wall jump

Richie thought the wall was dirty, so jumped away from it instead


Ram using the pipe to cheat the wall jump

Timed water bottle run

Go Mick

Richie with his ‘Sonny Bill’ eyes

Go Sonny

The Ram in full flight with 40kgs of water bottles

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