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Ride To Montauk With Lord Mock

Fellow Cyclists, I thought you might enjoy some cycling banter. So at 5am on Saturday morning, June 1 2013, I was on a street corner in Manhattan all clad in tight lycra and I happened to befriend a 51yr old bloke from Florida who was looking for some action! Don’t jump to conclusions you dirty buggers, as it was just prior to departing on an organised event called the Ride to Montauk. Myself and a few other Aussie mates were entered into the full 150 mile distance all the way from downtown Manhattan to the end of Long Island. We went pretty hard and ‘Chip’ kept up with us all the way, in fact he absolutely nailed it and we decided to call him ‘The Weapon’. I hope we are that active at that age. He has written about us in his blog which you can see at Chip’s Market Minute. Note he was calling me ‘Mock’ instead of Mark which is quite funny long story…..

He’s also invited us down to Palm Beach for a weekend of ‘pissfit’ activities in the winter. Should be interesting!


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