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Bonefishing ‘Provo’

So my wife Nessy and I had planned to holiday in the Provodenciales for a ‘baby moon’ but I also had an objective to catch a Bonefish without a guide or boat and off my own back. So I did some research, bought some new jigs, packed up my travel rod and hired myself a scooter to allow me to explore the land-based bone options here in Provodenciales. These are notoriously hard fish to catch unless you have a guide or local knowledge.

After day one hitting the sandy turquoise lagoon of the beautiful Taylor Bay for a few hours I realised how elusive these fish are and started to get concerned that I might come all this way without getting a bone.

So I kept at it and found a special spot that just felt right. I through out my pinky jig and a few casts in I caught the unluckiest bonefish in the Caribbean. You’ll see from one of the photos I even hooked it through the nose, poor bugger didn’t know what was going on. They are like a massive whiting on steroids, they pull hard.

Life Is Good

Life is good fishing such a nice location

Bonefish 3

BOOM – My first bone!

Bonefish 4

Pretty unlucky fish for me to catch him on a pink jig

Bonefish 2

My trusty travel fishing rod and gear

Typical Provo Bonefish Territory

You could cast all day into this lagoon

Provodenciales Bonefish

My second bone, wading in waste deep crystal clear water

DIY Bonefish

Beautiful bonefish that pulled hard

Bonefish Turks Caicos

A school sized bone

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