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The Man Who Ran Around The World

Tom Denniss decided to throw himself at one of the world’s last great challenges that no man has yet conquered and be recognized officially – to be the fastest man to run around the world. This would be according to the Guinness Book Of Records rule, which does not have any claim to the fastest person to run around the world and has strict rules to abide by.

I was lucky enough to spend two days with Tom when he was running through New York and in the laast stages of his run across the USA. Not only did we get two runs in, but we had a night on the beers as well.

A true legend and inspiration. He is due to finish this awesome challenge in September 2013. I look forward to having a beer with Tom when I see him in Sydney next time.

Tom’s website can be found at


A humble legend


Running the bottom half of Manhattan


Some great running conditions, you can’t even see the statue of liberty


OK, let’s go grab some beers

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