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Pissfit Presents – Finland X-Country Ski Marathon

2 Bottle Tour

2 Bottle Tour

When the boys asked me what I’d like to do for my bachelor party, I threw down the gauntlet by suggesting we all sign up to a cross-country ski marathon in the middle of Finland. So the 6 of us packed our winter gear and made our way to our usual x-country skiing base in Messila, 1 hour north of Helsinki.

Richie and Dylan completed the 32km and Danny and I the 50km. I came in at 5hrs, although met a guy who was 80 yrs old who came opinion at 4:45.. As a post race recovery, we embarked on a boozing tour of the town of Lahti which is one that will be remembered for many years.

Pissfit Tourist Ollie, Hunty, Fooey, Richie and Tour Captain Danny

Finland 1

Tour Base Camp in Messila


The boys getting pumped for the 32km race

Finland 2







Danny 10kms into the 50km race


Very happy x-country ski marathon finishers – now lets go nuts!



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