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Snowdonia Winter Climbing

When the winter hits the UK the majority of the country receives miserable rain, but the Snowdonia region in Northern Wales. So the boys hopped in the car and made the 3.5hr journey to some of the best winter climbing in the UK.

It was fairly horrible weather but proved to be great training for climbing in poor conditions. Our guide for the day was hopeless, but we got through some tough conditions safely in the end.

IMG_3972 IMG_3973 IMG_3974 IMG_3975 IMG_3977 IMG_3980 IMG_3983 IMG_3984 IMG_3987 IMG_3989 IMG_3998 IMG_3999 IMG_4001 IMG_4004 IMG_4009 IMG_4012 IMG_4014 IMG_4015 IMG_4018

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This entry was posted on February 5, 2012 by in Adventure, Boys Fun, Mountains, Watersport.
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