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Pissfit Presents – Stag Party Fishing in NYC

1 Bottle Tour

1 Bottle Tour

Our mate Campbell’s  Stag Party was orginally planned as an afternoon fishing for Striped Bass offshore long island New York.  The logistical wizard that is Dylan Foo had organised for some guy and his boat to meet us at the Sheepshead Bay Docks at 1pm, but he was a no show. He was ‘stuck offshore’, but we didn’t believe that for a minute – he was either running a drug deal or had found someone to pay him more. So there we were – 7 raring to go boys amped for an afternoon of fishing and boozing, 8 cases of beer, vodka, 7 bags of ice, pizzas and a watermelon and no boat. Luckily there was a boat that just came back after a morning’s fishing and we got negotiating. Considering these boys were Brooklyn Mafia we were happy with the deal we struck and loaded the boat and set saild for the waters of Hudson Bay, just off Coney Island. The target – FLUKE – which we thought was quite appropriate seeing we though we had no chance of catching anything this particular afternoon. Any fish were a bonus. The below video and photos tell the story…..

hudson bay new york fluke

Hudson Bay Fluke


Fooey Showing His Sexual Frustration

Watermelon Bomb

The Watermelon Bomb – Nothing But Vodka And Ice In There


Power And Diggers Getting Busted For ‘Open Container’

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