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Spartan Beast – New Jersey

Myself, Tim Stuckey and Andy Dawkins decided we’d revisit the Jersey Spartan Beast again in 2016. So after minimal training we head out for a fun day out of brutal hills and obstacles.

Below are our results which we are pretty happy with considering our status as middle-aged weekend warriors.

Mark 4.08.19
14th fastest in competitive (top 2.4%), 4th fastest in age croup (competitive)
Would have placed you 64th in Elite.
80th out of all 5595 all male runners on day (top 1.4%)

Tim 4.31.03
49th fastest in competitive (top 8.4%), 7th fastest in age group (competitive)
Would have been 100th in Elite.
166th out of 5595 male runners on day (top 2.9%)

Andy 4.15.32
6th fastest in open – would have been 23rd fastest in competitive (top 4%), 1st in age group in open!
Would have been 71st in Elite.
97th out of all 5595 male runners on day (top 1.8%)
Elite fastest 2.55.36
Elite slowest 11.41
277 competitors

Competitive fastest 3.22.59
Competitive slowest 13.06
583 competitors

Open fastest 3.30.45
Open slowest 13.44
4735 competitors

Spartan Log 1Spartan Log 2

Spartan Barbed

Spartan Dunk 1Spartan Dunk 2


Spartan 3

Spartan 2


Spartan 1






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