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Madhattan Run 2013

1 Bottle Tour

1 Bottle Tour

The Madhattan Run 2013 was gearing up to be another cracker of an event. Registration was full one month prior to November 23rd, so that made it quite exciting to know that our exclusive little event was now on the minds of some crazy runners out there, eager to get Madhattan.

We stuck with the same format as the first big run in 2012, but made some improvements to make life easier for the competitors and the organisers (Declan and myself). The route card was updated and we used Eventbrite to manage the registration process (highly recommended –

One of the runners has written about it in his blog which you can view here, it gives a good perspective of the Madhattan Run from the perspective of a runner.

A selection of my photos from the day.

And here is a video of the Madhattan Run 2013 produced by Leong Ying. Thanks for this Leong.

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