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Ripping Up Val d’Isere

When the idea of spending the 2011 Xmas/NY break skiing and boozing in Val d’Isere was thrown out there it was received quite well by the crew. So we booked a chalet just of the lower pistes and prepared for what was to be an epic week.

IMG_2370 IMG_2368 IMG_2363 IMG_2348 IMG_2347 IMG_2340 IMG_2318 IMG_2317 IMG_2314 IMG_2304 IMG_2300 IMG_2296 IMG_2294 IMG_2284 IMG_2270 IMG_2269 IMG_2240 IMG_2239 IMG_2238 IMG_2222 IMG_2219 IMG_2214 IMG_2038 IMG_2034 IMG_2032 IMG_1997 IMG_1983 IMG_1975 IMG_1974 IMG_1968 IMG_1967 IMG_1964 IMG_1963 IMG_1962 IMG_1917 IMG_1908 IMG_1905 IMG_1899 IMG_1885 IMG_1883 IMG_1880 IMG_1877 IMG_1863

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This entry was posted on January 4, 2011 by in Boys Fun, Mountains, Winter.
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